In Current affairs CLAT new pattern has done some thing unprecedented: it has introduced paragraph based current affairs. Now this is a thing unheard of in any other exam! Anyways, we present in this post the strategy to deal with this change and show you the path to ace current affairs in CLAT new pattern.

Current Affairs CLAT new pattern

Syllabus and Type of Questions : Current Affairs CLAT New Pattern

CLAT syllabus for Current Affairs has been provided by CLAT consortium and we have published relevant bits on our website. The questions would exclusively based on a paragraph of around 430 words. There would be around 4-5 questions based on a single paragraph.

The passages will be from news, journalistic sources and other non-fiction writing and will ask questions on certain specific themes given below:-

  • Current affairs
  • Art and Culture
  • International Affairs
  • Historical Events of continuing significance

Strategy for CLAT 2021 and how to study:-

The strategy for CLAT 2021 should be based on the types of questions that are going to be asked. If you have not yet seen the official sample paper for CLAT, click here. You can also join our ForumCLAT WhatsApp group, where you will find daily newspapers, important news and regular posts, tests, videos etc. for CLAT 2021. The following steps should form part of your CLAT 2021 strategy:-

  1. Prepare yourself by getting the following done:-
    • Get subscription of The Hindu or Indian Express{or find a source for PDFs}.
    • Get a copy to make notes.
  2. Newspaper will form a very important part of your preparation. You will have to read about 7-10 important articles everyday{We will tell you which ones in our Whatsapp Group}
  3. Make notes smartly{of selected topics} and regularly. Revision is as much important as making notes.
  4. Do not keep paper clippings.
  5. You can read from monthly compilations, but CLAT may ask various aspects of on topic and not many CLAT specific compilations are available as of now.
  6. You can also follow our YouTube Channel for Current Affairs

For any doubts or queries, contact us.

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