“How do we study English for CLAT new Pattern ?” This is a frequent query we get at ForumCLAT by students all over the country. They ask the question on WhatsApp{on groups and personally}, on call, telegram and personally. There is a clear sense of anxiety in their tone and they seem not to be satisfied by answers they get from elsewhere. We have taken this opportunity to demystify the CLAT new pattern in English section for aspirants.

English for CLAT New Pattern

English for CLAT New Pattern : Syllabus and Type of Questions

CLAT Consortium syllabus for English in CLAT would consist entirely of passages, of around 450 words, and each passage will have 5- 6 questions. The questions in English section of CLAT are designed to test your speed, comprehension and vocabulary. You should be able to understand main ideas and arguments in the passage as well as should be able to draw conclusions. These will be of following types:-

  1. Questions asking about main point, central idea or summary of the passage.
  2. Questions asking about major arguments and statements in the passage.
  3. Inferences and conclusions that can be drawn from the passages.
  4. Meanings of words and phrases used in the passage.

Now that we have settled the type of questions to be asked, let us understand how to start preparation and how to ace English section in CLAT.

How to prepare English for CLAT New Pattern?

Before you start preparation, it is important that you know the syllabus and type of questions{given above}, as well as see the sample papers. You can download the official sample papers from here. You should follow the following steps for preparation:-

  1. Get the weapons first:
    • Word Power Made Easy for Vocabulary
    • 1 copy for writing words, phrases and their meanings
    • Subscription of The Hindu or Indian Express. These will help you in all sections of paper except Quant.
    • Speed Reading techniques.{see below}
    • Concentration techniques.{see below}
  2. Start reading. It is the most important thing you can do to prepare English for CLAT new pattern. Read the newspapers, novels, non-fiction books, magazines etc. The more you read, the better you will get at comprehension, speed and vocabulary. Keep your vocab copy always handy while reading to note down any unfamiliar words and phrases you come across.
  3. Solve as many practice sets as possible from various sources: your coaching, mock tests or provided by us here or on forumclat.com. Improve your strategy, time and work on the weaknesses you come across.

Speed Reading

Reading fast and efficiently is very important if you wish to clear CLAT exam. You will find almost 22000-25000 words that you have to read and understand within 2 hours. You also have to darken the circle sin OMR sheet. Follow some of the tips below to increase your reading speed:-

  • Narrow your vision for reading.
  • Stop vocalization and sub-vocalization.
  • Use a tracer to keep you on the correct position

I have explained all these tricks{And more} in the video below.

How to improve concentration?

Concentration is an issue in this age of cellphones. Students feel compelled to use social media, check something on the internet or get messages frequently. You can use “Pomodoro technique” for increasing your concentration. It is a simple technique which uses 25 minute work time with 5 minute rest to let you study efficiently for 50 minutes in an hour.

Hope you likes this post and it will help you to do better in coming CLAT exam.

For any doubts or queries, contact us.

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